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Quick Books

There are many versions of financial software available for your accounting needs. We offer support for QuickBooks software as we believe it to be the best and most flexible accounting software. At KBMJ, all of our bookkeepers are QuickBooks Certified Pro-advisors. This means that they know the ins and outs of the software and will help you save time and money by effective implementation of your software.

Quick Books Tune-UP

Already have QuickBooks, but not sure why your balance sheet doesn’t balance or why you keep getting error messages? We can assist you by running a diagnostic on your system and fixing any errors.

QuickBooks Consultations are held separate from general business consultations and will be charged on an hourly basis unless you are enrolled in an annual support subscription or monthly bookkeeping services. In-person consultations will be billed at regular hourly fee. Remote-access consultations are also available.

Expense Reduction

This service is available to all our clients. KBMJ will provide a thorough review of each expense line item on your income statement. Post consultation, this analysis will present opportunities to either reduce cost by changing providers without compromising service or quality. Opportunities may also be present to increase quality or service obtained without an increase in expense. In some instances, a decision may be reached to eliminate a line item expense altogether. KBMJ’s growing list of resource partners will be utilized to seek opportunities for expense reduction.

Line Advantage

Working Capital Line of Credit – This type of facility is designed to bridge the gap between the generation of a receivable and its conversion into cash. From a lending standpoint, this type of facility is typically secured by accounts receivable and inventory. Lenders often require a loan agreement. It is often the responsibility of the borrower to provide the following:

  • Monthly or quarterly financial statements
  • Borrowing Base Certificate
  • Monthly Accounts Receivable Aging Report
  • Monthly Inventory Report

In addition, there may be loan covenants with testing requirements on fixed charge coverage ratio, liquidity ratio, and/or a leverage ratio. Depending on the credit, other financial or non-financial covenants may apply.

At KBMJ, we will off load the burden referenced above so you may better concentrate on managing your business. In fact, we will review your loan agreements and covenants to ensure timely reporting and adherence.

Debt Analysis

Each service we provide includes debt analysis. This valuable tool will uncover opportunities to reduce interest cost exposure. We will also explore one or more of the following combinations; debt consolidation, debt restructuring and/or debt acceleration. Our strategy will provide a road map with viable recommendations. Our goal will serve the best interest of the company given your unique circumstances.


Quick Books Set-Up

Have you thought about using QuickBooks, but don’t know how to get started? Let us help. We can help you select the appropriate version of QuickBooks and ensure that it is set up correctly from the start.

Start Up

Our Start Up program gives new businesses a jump start to success. This program is designed for new entrepreneurs and newly formed businesses. KBMJ will help you establish a legal entity, obtain a Federal Tax Identification number, write your business plan, develop marketing initiatives, and prepare and execute your strategic plan. KBMJ will deliver a holistic approach with enhanced collaboration of our resources and your ideas. Let us join you as you create your next milestone. You just took the first and most important one starting your own business.

Loan Packaging

Congratulations!! You are one of millions of businesses’ that enjoy the benefit of fierce competition within the banking arena. Your success has come with a lot of hard work. At KBMJ, we ensure Banks and financial lending institutions work just as hard to gain your business.

In concert with your team, we will take the primary responsibility of preparing and presenting the loan proposal to one or more of our lending partners. We will also help communicate and negotiate the best terms and conditions for the proposed loan. Our vast experience in the banking industry lends itself to our expertise minimizing your resources and maximizing your most suitable lending solutions.

Personal Financial Plan

In our current and ever changing environment, you need a trusted advisor. At KBMJ, we understand many business owners spend so much of their time managing their business but very little time on their personal financial goals. Are you saving for retirement? Do you have insurance for your loved ones in the event of an unforeseen accident? Have you always wanted to diversify that portfolio? When was the last time you had an audit of your policies?

Let KBMJ discuss viable options for you, your family and loved ones. After all, you deserve the result of all your hard work and effort. A financial plan is a non-negotiable way of achieving success amidst an environment of uncertainties.